Unimpeachable Real Estate Experts

About Us

Our Mission
  • To match our clients with real estate experts who are the very best at what they do.
  • To be known as the go-to place for expertise in all matters touching real estate, whether they involve bricks & mortar, financial, transactional, landlord-tenant, operational, environmental or regulatory matters.
  • To set the bar for best practices in real estate business and forensic consulting.
Our Differentiators

To the best of our knowledge, Opine Experts stands alone.

  • Full-service talent agency focused on real estate expertise
  • California-based
  • Outgrowth of founders’ expertise in law, developing and managing real estate, and forensic consulting
  • Committed to enabling collegial and collaborative interaction among its experts
  • Committed to the rigorous pursuit of excellence
  • Committed to operational transparency
Our Genesis

Bill and Merrie Lightner met studying for the Bar Exam in 1980 and married in 1983. By 1984, they had formed Lightner Property Group, a San Francisco-based real estate investment and management firm.

Over three decades, Lightner Property Group has formed successful investment partnerships • renovated and managed commercial properties • operated rent-controlled apartment buildings • developed for-sale residential projects • served their industry and the community in leadership positions • mediated disputes • educated fellow professionals • contributed to state and local legislation • and published articles for the real estate industry.

When we began consulting lawyers and providing expert witness services, Lightner Group’s tight-knit staff found it easy to adapt their people-centric administrative systems to litigation support.

As word spread, lawyers’ requests for our real estate expertise revealed a starling fact: There was no one firm focused on providing highly-qualified real estate experts. Yes, there were directories, even search firms, but no full-service providers with our focus. This situation made it difficult for lawyers and real estate experts to hook-up. This revelation was the genesis of Opine Experts.

Since its formation, Opine has been building a roster of truly exceptional real estate experts to satisfy the needs of both lawyers and real estate investors. The group is impressive and growing.