Unimpeachable Real Estate Experts

About Representing & Serving Real Estate Experts

Opine provides full-service representation for talented real estate experts.

Opine represents authoritative experts who provide forensic and business consulting services regarding real estate matters. Perhaps it’s a law firm seeking an expert witness or a real estate investor asking for a project consultant, or a completely different matter. Opine covers all property types and all issues, whether they involve bricks & mortar, financial, transactional, landlord-tenant, operational, environmental or regulatory matters.

We search for, screen, qualify and invite the best authorities to join our talent pool. We then find appropriate opportunities for them to engage with our clients. We don’t seek a large number of experts, only the best in each of the myriad aspects and regional nuances of California real estate. Qualified experts are invited to engage Opine Experts as their agent, either on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

Opine Experts enables experts to focus on their expertise.

We provide:

  • Listing on the Opine Experts website
  • Publicity announcing their addition to Opine Experts’ talent pool
  • Ability to enhance their credentials through publication of commentary and in-depth articles in the Opine Journal
  • Opportunities to promote your expertise in social media, webinars, events, and more
  • Recognition on LinkedIn for their involvement with Opine Experts
  • Professional representation and contract negotiations
  • Association with other first-tier experts
  • Deposition and trial preparation rehearsals
  • Complete administrative support
  • Post-engagement assessments
Opine seeks experts who will support collective excellence.

Opine seeks players who embrace the value of contributing to the collective success of their team. This means real estate experts who will advance the knowledge base of the profession • contribute writings to the Opine’s website • collaborate with their peers • refer each other business • invest themselves in the team’s collective excellence.

Joining the Opine Experts Talent Pool

We invite qualified real estate experts who recognize these values and are willing to contribute to Opine’s collective excellence. Contact Bill Lightner to explore the opportunity.