Unimpeachable Real Estate Experts

About Serving Attorneys

Opine’s Role as Matchmaker of Successful Relationships

Opine acts as an intermediary between our clients and exceptional real estate consultants. Once we have matched a client with the right real estate expert we do our best to facilitate a successful relationship.

Opine represents authoritative real estate experts who possess specialized knowledge covering various aspects of property ownership, development and management. Expertise relating to all issues, whether they involve bricks & mortar, financial, transactional, landlord-tenant, operational, environmental or regulatory matters, is available.

Our process is described in "How We Work with Attorneys."

The Ideal Expert

We have surveyed our client attorneys over the years and learned what they consider an ideal expert. In addition to credentials and experience, attorneys seek consultants who project sincere enthusiasm for their expertise. Conversely, the last thing they want is someone who comes off as a hired gun with a defensive ego. Accordingly…

When Opine screens an expert, we look for…
  • enthusiasm for their subject expertise,
  • communication skills of a great teacher,
  • curiosity of a great student,
  • thoughtfulness and conscientious,
  • authorship in or other contributions to the body of knowledge in subject area,
  • common courtesy and honesty.
Enabling Success of the Client-Expert Relationship

Having provided expert witness services for fifteen years, we have also learned what can be the most troubling relational issues between lawyers and their experts. These boil down to…

  • matchmaking,
  • communication,
  • money,
  • scheduling and
  • adaptability to changing circumstances.

Along with exceptional experts, Opine provides exceptional administrative support, enabling the success of these relationships.