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The Expert's Role in Dispute Resolution

The right real estate expert can play a vital role throughout the dispute resolution process, from investigating and analyzing the situation, to educating contestants, lawyers and juries regarding industry standards, to helping mediate settlements by offering their unbiased view of reality.

Whatever their genesis may be, the high stakes involved in real estate problems often cloud the contestants’ objectivity and ability to sort out their dispute. Lawyers will impart their professional perspective but as skilled as they may be, they usually are not real estate experts. Contextual nuances may be missed, and without the guidance of real estate specialists, their brilliant advocacy may do no more than entrench indefensible positions. Inevitably, some contestants fight it out in court, expecting judges and juries to dispense justice. But without the requisite expertise, how can they be expected to make informed judgments?

For example, consultants engaged through Opine Experts helped resolve a longstanding dispute between building code officials and the owner of a large residential portfolio. Opine helped settle a multimillion dollar lawsuit, saving the owner a huge amount of money while providing the city a reliable means of solving a difficult enforcement problem. An important element of this win-win resolution was engaging Lightner Property Group to train the owner’s management company and oversee the maintenance of its properties and the firm’s response to tenant service requests.

Opine Experts provides master-class specialists in all aspects of real estate, covering all property types and issues throughout California.

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