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Bob Van Gelder

President, Van Gelder Enterprises, Inc.


Pigeons are more than a nuisance. Large populations of roosting birds may present serious health risks. Accumulations of bird droppings, feathers and debris foster the growth of disease organisms and mites. Prolonged exposure to mechanically circulated air that has been polluted by bird feces can cause serious illness in people with compromised immune systems. Mites invade buildings and bite people. Building owners therefore face not just a management problem but potential exposure to liability.

With 35 years’ experience controlling bird infestations, Bob Van Gelder is now recognized as an expert in this field. Van Gelder Enterprises’ expertise extends to graffiti removal, surface steam cleaning, pressure washing and wet sandblasting, awning care and glass film protection.

Special Qualifications

Mr. Van Gelder is qualified to opine on best practices in pest bird control and pressure washing for all types and sizes of properties, including public, commercial, office and residential buildings.

  • Pigeon and other pest bird control services
  • Standard of care – pest bird control
  • Graffiti removal services
  • Steam cleaning, pressure washing and wet sandblasting services
  • Standard of care – steam cleaning, pressure washing and wet sandblasting
  • State Pest Control License #32753

Curriculum Vitae

Career Experience
  • Intelligence Corps Agent/Officer, Army Counter-Intelligence Branch, Korea
  • Staff instructor at Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
  • Foreign Officer Intelligence Training Center in Okinawa, Japan.
  • Overseas Operations Manager for Travel Headquarters coordinating US State Trade Missions to Europe and Asia
  • United Airlines as Far East Sales Manager, Tokyo, Japan, 1966
  • District Manager Southeast Asia, 1967-1974
  • United Airlines Western Region Interline Sales Manager, 1974-1979
  • Formed Van Gelder Enterprises, Inc. 1975, devoting full-time attention to it in 1979
  • Established “Birds Away/Pigeons Away” in 1985, which currently employs a staff of twenty
  • Birds Away/Pigeons Away has successfully completed over 9,000 pest bird control projects in the Greater Bay Area, and is now recognized as a leading West Coast pest bird control company.
  • Mr. Van Gelder’s expertise in pest bird control led – in in both residential and commercial venues – led to his work as an expert consultant regarding best practices in controlling pest birds and related issues.
Professional Certifications and Licenses
  • California State Pest Control License #32753
  • Graduated, University of Michigan, 1960