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Tim Harrington

General Contractor


Mr. Harrington is a general contractor who provides consulting services to attorneys, property owners and other contractors. Tim is an expert in a wide variety of construction issues, from the integrity of construction techniques and habitability issues to contractor fraud. He also assists contractors in cases involving the California State Licensing Board.

Special Qualifications

Because Mr. Harrington has acted as both a developer of his own properties and a general contractor for clients, he has a unique insight into the owner-builder relationship, as well as their differing perspectives about architects, engineers, planning commissions, and building departments.

He often consults regarding techniques that have been grandfathered but are not acceptable for new construction.

Curriculum Vitae

Career Experience

Tim was first licensed as a general contractor in 1974. In 1979 he and his brother, Tom Harrington, started a partnership in general contracting and construction, and have continued this operation to the present time. As both developer and general contractor, Tim has constructed over 50 single family homes or condominiums, done major remodels to almost 20 other residences, and performed dozens more small residential and commercial jobs in the counties of Sonoma, Marin, San Francisco, and Oakland.

1977-1979 Hargil Construction Co., Inc.

Journeyman carpenter to Superintendent for bid work on Federal, State, and publicly tendered projects as well as “in-house” developments. Responsibilities include job coordination, subcontractor and supplier management, and adherence to plans and specifications.

1979-1992 General Partner, Castletown Construction Co.

Performed all functions required of the prime contractor responsible for bidding, cash management, job and site supervision, code and safety compliance, coordination of direct employees, payroll, coordination of subcontractors, execution of all contracts, and compliance to all State and Federal requirements.

1992-Present President, Castletown Construction Co., Inc.

Same functions as above while overseeing the contracting business at a corporate level.  Expanded management responsibilities to include William P. Harrington and Associates, LLC, Harrington Development, LLC, and presently with Bere Development, LLC in developing various properties in Marin and San Francisco Counties.

1992-Present Corporate Officer, Dolores Terrace Development Corp.

Supervise and bring to fruition a successful major subdivision of a five way lot split and the construction of six condominium buildings on the subdivided property.  The corporation continues to manage nine of the completed condominiums.

2002-Present As Trustee for a family trust responsible for the management of approximately 50 units in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

2006-2009 Construct two unit residential building in the City of Sonoma, California which have been retained as rental income units. Responsible for the field operations in the construction of a large estate home in the Sonoma Valley.

2011-Present Member of Harrington Consulting, LLC performing forensic and consulting services to the legal and construction industries.

  • For periods in 1977-1979 and 1980-1983 worked as a journeyman carpenter for several general contractors out of Union Local 22.

1974-1977 Various studies at U.C. Santa Barbara, U. C. Davis, and San Francisco State University focusing largely in business. I never pursued a formal degree and left in 1977 for a career as a professional in the construction industry.