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Posted by William Lightner, Esq. on Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Promotional Power of Collective Action by Expert Witnesses

“How can I promote my expert witness services?” It’s the burning question for many expert witnesses.

I read a few rudimentary answers in a blog posting by the "Expert Witness Guru," who assembled the thoughts of a couple other marketing pros. Validating my own opinion, the Guru opined that directories aren’t any more useful than a listing in the Yellow Pages, and that static web sites aren’t much better. The Guru let Seth Godin make his point about web sites, “The best stories change over time.” He also referenced a to-do list from legal marketing maven Rosalie Hamilton that is unassailably useful for any beginner. But none of these pearls addressed the elephant in the room:

How can an expert take advantage of the Internet without getting lost in the crowd?

Though it sounds paradoxical, we think the secret to individual success is found in collective action – focused collective action. If you will agree that successful promotion is about being seen as both credible and uniquely desirable by a lot of potential clients, then take this leap of faith: Your association with a sufficiently small group of other credible and uniquely desirable experts is your salvation.

Consider this: When people need help with big, troubling matters they look to people they know and trust. If no one’s available, they seek referrals from people they know and trust. If that fails, they will need to look for another trustworthy source. In my opinion, “trustworthy” doesn’t include pay-to-play directories, self-inflating websites. I don’t even trust anonymously large groups of professionals – no matter how recognized that group might be.

Here’s my point: Short of a referral from a trusted colleague, I think an individual expert witness is more likely to be chosen from a small, focused group of highly respected specialists than in any other manner.

This was the reasoning behind our formation of Opinexperts, an agency representing a loose-knit group of outstanding real estate experts. Opine embraces collective action as the surest route to success. By methodically building a faculty of the most respected real estate expert witnesses in California, and by using the Opine’s website to disseminate our collective knowledge through our individual writings published on the Opine Journal, we believe we will collectively become the trusted place where people go when they need the most knowledgeable and effective real estate experts available.

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