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Posted by William Lightner, Esq. on Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zen and the Art of Forensic Consulting

Since its recent formation, I’ve been talking with lots of lawyers and real estate specialists about Opine Experts. One conversation recently turned to "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” Robert M. Persig's seminal work on quality. Though it’s been almost forty years since I read this tome, my counterpart reminded me of its relevance to Opine’s pursuit of excellence.

The Metaphysics of Quality

Persig’s blend of Eastern and Western philosophies holds that quality is the foundation for everything. Calling it the “knife-edge” of experience, Persig theorizes that quality is the force behind nature’s quest for improvement, propelling a spiraling evolution of ever-higher values. High on Persig’s heady brew, we riffed on Opine’s mission to channel the expertise of high-level real estate specialists to lawyers and others in need. We agreed that quality is job one.

On the Virtues and Motivations of Forensic Consultants

Fervent dedication to quality is common among the real estate experts we’ve brought into the Opine fold. These men and women exhibit a remarkable suite of virtues and motivations, to wit:

They abhor stagnation. Their common desire for mastery fuels their tireless evolution. Accordingly, Opine’s experts tend to see their work as a sanctuary for personal growth – exhibiting a focus for their specialty that borders on devotion. For them, it’s God who’s in the details, the devil resides in slothful ignorance.

While they are grounded - and think before they speak, their enthusiasm for their specialty is palpable. They energize me.

Their objectivity allows them to see through smokescreens masquerading as facts.

Their reasoning is disciplined, displaying judgment and discrimination instead of reflexive pronouncements.

Validating recent thought and science about what really motivates people in the workplace, these experts think forensic consulting is more about giving back and helping others than material gain. While everyone wants to be compensated fairly, their motivations are more collegial than economic.


Since we formed Opine Experts, I awaken each day thrilled to work with really smart, really motivated people who are driven by common interests and desires. Opine provides me a capstone to my own career while offering the same for others. Whether I think of Opine as an academy for overachievers, a talent agency for real estate stars or a laboratory for Persig’s Metaphysics of Quality, I feel privileged to work with these professionals and fully embrace the opportunity to broadcast their knowledge.

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