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Posted by William Lightner, Esq. on Friday, June 8, 2012

Networks Trump Outliers

I once believed in the myth of the self-made man – and the imperative of self-interest. After forty years of economic life I see things differently. Today I believe that the most effective self-interest is group interest:

...The most successful competitors who are those who are the best at cooperating with others.

...The groups with the best cooperative strategies thrive. Their ideas spread. Signs of success concentrate among them.

...Loners are left in the dust, less and less equipped to gain traction in a world that favors networks over outliers.

With this in mind we formed Opine Experts, the nation’s only assemblage of forensic real estate specialists. As members of an elite group of real estate authorities Opine’s experts are more effective than on their own. Thus aligned these individuals are able to extend their reach.

When a lawyer needs a real estate expert on a moment’s notice there’s no doubt who to call.

If evolution should lead to ever-increasing positive outcomes, if cooperation is a superior adaptive strategy to individual struggle, then it must follow that aligning oneself with a supportive group is better than going it alone.

Opine is about win-win outcomes for its clients and its faculty of experts.

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