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Posted by Horrace Mack on Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dress Code for Expert Witnesses

When dressing for testimony, expert witnesses should remember Marshall McLuhan’s maxim, “The Medium is the Message.” Because the way they dress could have unintended consequences. A three-piece suit might imply “hired gun.” Plaid could be distracting and suspicious. A black suit might evoke thoughts funereal; a A red tie, Christmas, or worse yet, Donald Trump.

Think about it: Did you ever see Perry Mason looking like Colonel Sanders or Tom Wolfe?

What should one wear?

Stick with the tried and true – muted tones, preferably gray and blue suiting. Opt for medium color tone ties, not pastels. Don’t compete with your message, support it.

While I am not opposed to flag-pins, I caution against wearing large watches & pinkie-rings.

Ultimately, the expert’s duty is to deliver credible and convincing testimony. So experts should dress in such a way that does not distract from or undermine their message. Simply stated, it’s what you say not what you look like that should be remembered.

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