Unimpeachable Real Estate Experts

Benefits Enjoyed by Opine's Experts

Opine Experts enables experts to focus on their expertise.

Opine provides:

Professional Development
  • Peer coaching
  • Editorial assistance with Journal articles, report writing and CV drafting
  • Cross-referrals
  • Achieving excellence
Exposure to the Marketplace
  • Focused on Real Estate – like no other provider
  • Fresh and distinctive website with focused search engine optimization
  • Assistng with the discovery of one's special niche in the forensic world
Professional representation
  • Buffering from contract negotiations
  • Proven procedures, documents and checklists
  • Strong billing and collections policies
Association with peer-level experts
  • Collaboration
  • Cross-referrals
  • Skills development
  • Collective credibility built by expert- and client-contributed website content and speakers bureau
  • Support for research, analysis and strategy
Best practices training
  • Working with Attorney Clients
  • Research, Investigation, and Evidence Review
  • Report Writing
  • Deposition Preparation
  • Trial Testimony
  • Role Playing & Dress Rehearsals
  • Fee setting
  • Ethics and Risk Management
Full-service administrative support
  • Proven billing and collections policies
  • Telephone and email messaging
  • Use of 24x7 Virtual Workspace
  • Electronic depositories for voluminous documents
Experts who appoint Opine as their exclusive agent also receive these benefits:
  • Opine pays for portraiture
  • Opine pays for business cards
  • Special recognition on LinkedIn for association with Opinexperts
  • Publicity announcing addition to Opine Experts’ talent pool
  • Opine pays for an appropriate amount of personalized advertising
  • Deposition and trial preparation rehearsals