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Alternative Dispute Resolution is speedy, cost-effective, and confidential.

For a host of reasons, the use of arbitration and mediation to resolve real estate disputes is rapidly growing. In addition to having become the customary - and often mandatory - method of settling disagreements over matters like rent setting in commercial lease renewals, they offer distinct advantages over litigation.

The Value of a Mediator with Real Estate Expertise

The high stakes involved in real estate problems often cloud the contestants’ objectivity and invite irrational contentions. While a mediator is trained to help combatants talk though and settle their conflict, a mediator lacking real estate expertise may not be able to assist the parties in clearly identifying and prioritizing the issues before them. Industry standards may be unknown, contextual nuances may be missed, and without the guidance of real estate specialists, the contestants and their advocates may not receive the reality checks they need to move off unwarranted positions.

A mediator who is also a real estate practitioner will more insightfully probe into underlying and often unspoken issues, and help each side consider workable alternatives to their positions. Informed by the perspective of an expert, the parties can be liberated from unsupportable contentions in order to explore options that had not been previously considered.

Better educated about the efficacy of positions, the parties are better equipped to negotiate a lasting resolution to their differences. And when the resolution of the immediate impasse has been found, a real estate expert can help the parties spot issues that will help avoid future trouble, and thereby contribute to a trouble-free written settlement agreement.

Arbitrators and Mediators Available from Opine Experts

Opine Experts represents trained mediators and arbitrators with real world experience in various aspects of real estate. Please contact us us to learn more about our Alternative Dispute Resolution services.