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How We Work with Real Estate Experts

Self-Employment is No Panacea

Being a sole practitioner has its rewards, but let’s face it, going solo presents a boatload of problems too; and we have heard other forensic consultants raise lots of them over the years. Their business issues seem to boil down to:

  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Professional Isolation
  • Skills Development (e.g., deposition preparation, trial testimony)
  • Office Practices
  • Contracts
  • Collections
The Advantages of Collective Endeavor without the Pitfalls of Partnerships

As expert consultants, we've been blessed with a solid relationship, our legal training and the administrative support of our firm, Lightner Property Group. When lawyers began calling us for real estate expertise outside our core competencies we were startled to discover that no one provider specialized in real estate experts – anywhere. Then it occurred to us:

  • We could share our administrative support with other real estate experts.
  • We could also share our contract negotiation, documentation and enforcement skills.
  • It would be more efficient and effective for a group of real estate experts to promote their knowledge and services collectively.
  • It would be really cool to form a collaborative team of first-rate real estate experts.
  • It would be terrific to have easy access to continuing skills training and peer coaching.
  • There is no reason why independent real estate experts shouldn’t enjoy the same advantages of collective endeavor as let’s say a law firm.

After all, the power of one is less than two and a lot less than the power of several. There’s more capital, more cumulative experience, more skill sets, more stakeholder incentive to drive the group forward. There’s no mystery here. More successful businesses are almost always a collective endeavor. The more people, the higher the growth rate. We could generate synergy!

Here’s the frosting: By setting up a collective of independent contractors, we could avoid a whole universe of potential catastrophes associated with partnerships. Opine Experts was born.

About Joining Opine Experts

Opine Experts seeks qualified experts to join us. We cover every aspect of California real estate – from the top down and inside out. No issue is left out, and if we don’t have the expertise to offer our client a solution, we go find it. That’s why we need qualified real estate professionals to consider joining our pool of experts. Opine, in turn, enables experts to focus on their expertise. Go to "Benefits Enjoyed by Opine's Experts" to review the benefits gained by Opine's experts. To start a discussion about joining our team, contact us.