Unimpeachable Real Estate Experts

How We Work with Attorneys

In General

Opine matches its attorney-clients with authoritative real estate experts who possess specialized knowledge covering various aspects of property ownership, development and management. Expertise relating to all issues, whether they involve bricks & mortar, financial, transactional, landlord-tenant, operational, environmental or regulatory matters, is available.

Opine’s experts bill hourly against a minimum fee. A deposit must be tendered prior to invoking an expert’s name. Additional litigation support, including testimonial rehearsals, research assistance and graphic evidence preparation are available.

Expert Selection

The matchmaking process begins on one of two routes: Attorneys will either find the expert they need on this website or enlist Bill Lightner, Esq. to personally search for the right individual. Either way, the attorney is provided an appropriate candidate’s resume, rate information and a telephone interview with the candidate. When Opine screens an expert, we look for…

  • relevant career and forensic experience
  • educational credentials
  • professional certifications and licensing
  • thought leadership
  • contributions to their profession and community
  • enthusiasm for their subject expertise,
  • communication skills of a great teacher,
  • curiosity of a great student,
  • thoughtfulness and conscientious,
  • authorship in or other contributions to the body of knowledge in subject area,
  • common courtesy and honesty.

Given Mr. Lightner’s legal training, real estate experience and network, it usually takes less than a week for him to pre-screen candidates and present one or more for the client’s consideration. When Mr. Lightner has conducted a personalized search, he usually participates in the interview so that he may gain valuable feedback from the client. If the fit isn’t right, Mr. Lightner takes additional information gathered from the interview and continues the search. There is no fee for the search service.

In every scenario, once a good match is made, a formal conflicts check is completed and the engagement process begins.

Expert Engagement & Deposit

Clients enter into an Engagement Letter Agreement with Opine Experts, which acts as an agent on behalf of the Expert Consultant. A Minimum Fee is required. It generally runs $3,000. A Deposit is also required. The Conflicts, Check and Engagement Letter must be completed, and the Minimum Fee and Deposit collected, before a client-attorney may disclose or otherwise make use of Opine’s or the Expert’s name.

Administrative Support

Throughout the process, Opine Experts provides a complete administrative support system for its clients and experts, including free access to Opine’s “Central Desktop” Internet-based virtual workspace. Central Desktop provides a password-secured electronic depository where attorneys are invited to upload lengthy documents for review by all case consultants at no charge. Central Desktop also provides communications and scheduling support. Opine’s staff is available for personal assistance as well. Client billings and expert compensation are handled by Opine, which provides invoicing and transparent reporting to counter parties.

During the Engagement

With Opine’s administrative backup available, clients and experts then work directly with each other as they proceed through property inspections, case analysis, documentary review, deposition and trial. Opine’s principals are available to assist with case analysis, deposition and trial preparation, providing role playing & rehearsal sessions if requested. Research, graphic evidence production and other litigation support services are available as well.

Case Closure

At the end of the engagement, Opine interviews its clients and experts providing an action assessment for both parties. The accounting is reconciled and unused deposit money is returned to the client.

Getting Started

Contact us to begin the process.